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Bachelorette Party in London


Okay, a little bit of girls-gone-wild in London, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 with a splash of class and moderation. After having a kid, I wanted to get out more and visit my childhood bestie Alexandra to celebrate her engagement in London! I should have not expected anything less than a blast with these naughty girls. 

Alexandra, Victoria, & Dalila

Alexandra, Victoria, & Dalila

Lidia, from Spain 🇪🇸 isn’t in this photo but you’ll see her later. Dalila, on the right, is from Italy and just came back from Greece. Victoria just had her baby, but was around 6-7 months pregnant during this time. Don’t worry, she only drank water and juice. We all went to Paradise and had a nice curry dinner. 

©️May 2018

©️May 2018

This is what you get when you have European women and a Spaniard at one table...

FYI: These girls don’t give a f*** about social media. But you should totally follow them anyway. IG @vicariiz @alex_andra91 @dalilamasn @medramisas

Anyway, Alex had no clue what we had planned that night. I actually can’t take any credit for it, cause Victoria pretty much planned most of it and the rest of us pitched in. But, as you saw in the video, it was pretty nuts. We went to this strip club that was actually made for bachelorettes, lol. No recording was allowed during the show. Sorry, ladies. Thankfully, the strippers stayed on stage and away from the seating areas. I don’t know where those penis’ have been. It was actually a mix of comedic hosting and glow-in-the-dark showcasing. They kept it “clean”. One showman invited Alex to the stage and blind-folded her with a feelskies on a cucumber 😂. I was so dehydrated after the show and Alex didn’t want the cucumber so she gave it to me for electrolyte consummation. It was pre-wrapped in plastic food wrap. 

ANYWAY, here’s Lidia.

I was so late cause I slept in. #jetlag ...But, good thing I knew what to wear... 

Thanks for the ride, Uber.  

So, yea, we did a little club hoppin...escaping  drunk guys hitting on us. Dalila got them all to lick her pink penis. It was hilariously gross, but why not entertain the fact that they were already ridiculously making a fool of themselves. 

Alex had a great time, that’s all that matters.  

After a night of sleeping in, Alex and I did the tourist thing again. And again, she was my local tour guide. 

I also did the third-wheel thing... 

You can see more on my Instagram Story “London” Highlight @stephanienauli. We went biking by Queen Victoria’s place and crossed the Tower Bridge, where they serve freshly made honey roasted peanuts and ice cream. 

Before we knew it, it was the last day. So it was a sweet last day brunch at the Westfield London and a home baked, healthy dinner.

P.S. You’ll need one of these... the easiest way to pay your way around like the locals. 

Mayor Pass

Mayor Pass

OX 💋

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