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The Maker's Diet Challenge: Phase 2 & 3



Retracing back to my last three weeks of this challenge, I was able to open up to more favorites like chicken quesadilla with a Greek salad, medium-well steak and eggs, halibut with greens, and even eggs Benedict with salmon from Vivian’s Cafe in Studio City, CA!

To the far right there is my Crowned For Success Sister @crowned4success, Maria Lupita @themanzoprint. As routine as this challenge came to be at about the third and fourth week, the easier it seemed. Keep in mind that I always prayed for healing every morning and every night and over every meal for God to bless it in Jesus’ name. I remembered to do this, especially, because I felt like I slipped more than a few times...

Strawberry Nutella Yum

Strawberry Nutella Yum

You might think, “Well, Steph, I don’t know, that still looks somewhat healthy...” but check this one out - 

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

By the end of the week, I always made sure to fast at least one meal with straight raw carrot juice. 

Thought you might appreciate that. Even though I was living some what “freely” in my diet toward the last week, I still felt the pressure. I went in for my examination to see if there have been any improvements after the 40 Day Maker’s Diet challenge. 

One week later my gynecologist, Dr. Bali, calls me... my heart drops... “Well, there’s good news. you no longer have infected cells. Only a small trace of HPV left. So, keep doing what you’re doing and come back in 12 months and hopefully by then it’s completely gone.” He had that underlying joy that doctors have when they discover something “impossible”. 

The fact that he said there is ONLY a SMALL trace left told me that the diet ACTUALLY reduced MOST of the HPV cells AND the ENTIRE infection. 

Why am I so open about this? Because statistics read that 1/3 people in the entire world are HPV+. So, odds are you too, can benefit from this Maker’s Diet Challenge, BEFORE you reach infection and become cancerous. If you’re already there, you have hope of ridding the damn thing, completely!

Now, everything I shared with you is my own personal experience. You will have your own as well, so use your discretion and go by The Maker’s Diet book, please. I would love to hear your story.

Next year, I’ll go back to gynecology and retest with my annual pap smear in August of 2019. Looks like it’s celibacy for me, my sweet. Don’t want to risk anything. Plus, for a single mom of one, like me, I don’t need to be a single mom of two or three for that matter. If I knew then what I knew now, I would’ve waited for the right man. 

So, get your healing on! I’ll be sharing some recipes and things later throughout my journey and until next year’s results.  

Happy healing, 


The Maker's Diet Challenge: Phase 1 - Week 2


Don't judge me.


I know what you're thinking... I'm such a sinner. We had Easter this past week and I had to celebrate! So I had me a carrot cupcake and a few lemon bites from Trader Joe's and I cleansed it down with my raw carrot juice.

It actually filled me up fast - three lemon bites were honestly enough, which shows me that my cravings are now under control, compared to before.... The old me probably would have eaten the whole lemon cake container with a second cupcake lol. Another confession, I had some Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate 72%. I'm a woman with needs, so stay in good faith with me here. 

Don't worry, I made up for it with a dinner fast. Refer to the book. 

So I did some more shopping... Take a looksie... 

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's

All organic and this time I included original organic yogurt (cow-milk) ...



My breakfast usually looked something like this:

  • Over hard Omega-3 Eggs
  • Cilantro seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic)
  • Turkey Bacon (No preservatives) 
  • Double Roasted Salsa

Or like this ...

SIMPLY PLEASANT:  Organic Yogurt w/ Berries, Boiled Egg w/ Raw Almond Butter

SIMPLY PLEASANT: Organic Yogurt w/ Berries, Boiled Egg w/ Raw Almond Butter

Lunch looked something like this...

HEALING CUP:  Raw Carrot Juice w/ Fresh Organic Persian Cucumber

HEALING CUP: Raw Carrot Juice w/ Fresh Organic Persian Cucumber

And dinner went something like...

BBQ CHICKEN (TENDER GREENS):  Butter Lettuce, House Veggies, Aqua Fresca

BBQ CHICKEN (TENDER GREENS): Butter Lettuce, House Veggies, Aqua Fresca

I've lost a lot of unnecessary weight and really slimmed down these past two weeks on this diet alone. Of course, I did some light 15 minute cardio at least three to five times per week with Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs or a 6lb medicine ball of 30 3-tier squats, abs, and 10 close-hand push-ups. I was able to rest for about 5-8 hours per night and I'd squeeze in a 15 minute power nap if I could. 

I should also let you know that this practice includes meditation on short and powerful healing prayers referenced in "The Maker's Diet" in the morning and before bed. I can also say that if I felt any healing senses the most throughout this experience, it would be during these prayers. 

Overall, I feel great!  

I look better, my skins starting to glow (no more pale dead face), my abs are defining, I'm more energized, and I don't even remember feeling any joint pains in my knees this past week. So, yea - Phase 2 here I go...

See you next week! OX

Happy Healing,


The Maker's Diet Challenge: Phase 1 - Week 1

Detox & Stabilize

"Phase one of the Maker's Diet is designed to stabilize insulin and blood sugar, reduce inflammation, reduce infection, enhance digestion, and help balance the hormones in your body. This should help you better manage your weight in a healthy manner and significantly improve your overall health." - Jordan S. Rubin, Author

The 40-Day Maker's Diet plan is divided into three phases, two weeks per phase. Because this is a major detox and restabilizing phase, the foods I can enjoy are limited and narrowed down to the choices that I particularly like out of the list. If you decide to get the book, there are other foods you might enjoy more that are listed that I, myself, didn't highlight. Some that I didn't get to try include lamb and beef (except Trader Joe's grass-fed beef stick). But, for those of us that are not expert chefs and live productive lives, I'm going to share with you some simple and easy-to-make recipes that have supported me this week. 




* Organic Brown Eggs

(Eggland's Omega-3)

* Organic Sugar Plum Grape Tomatoes

* Turkey Bacon

* Goat's Milk Gouda

* Organic Bell Peppers

* Cilantro

I made this Frittata in the Copper Chef's pot and the dish literally lasted me for four days of breakfast. I enjoyed this meal with the Double Roasted Salsa from Trader Joe's. I basically bought all my ingredients from Trader Joe's, but the eggs were from Stator Bros. I got the Copper Chef's pot from Bed Bath & Beyond, which I've been using for all my cooked meals lately, and it came with a mini recipe book of quick and easy-to-make dishes. It had the Frittata in there and all I did was replace certain ingredients with the ones I could eat from the Maker's Diet using Irish Butter (grass-fed) and some extra virgin coconut oil- the only two kinds of cooking bases I can use, other than the extra virgin olive oil.  



For this phase, I get to enjoy certain fruits to snack on like grapefruit, lemon, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries to name a few...



This bowl of fruit is so refreshing and I feel really good after eating this...way better than the starchy feeling I get from candy and it is actually pretty filling. This is a delight from nature itself. 




* White Tuna

* Organic Mayo

*  Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes

As you can see, I laid out three leaves of romaine lettuce, mixed up the tuna with the rest of the ingredients in a measuring cup, seasoning it with a sprinkle of sea salt, black pepper, and some garlic. Then used a spoon to line them up down each leaf. I ate this like a taquito wrap and it was simply delicious. 

POWER SNACK: Raw Creamy Almond Butter, Celery, Carrot Sticks, Organic Blueberries

POWER SNACK: Raw Creamy Almond Butter, Celery, Carrot Sticks, Organic Blueberries

To balance my hunger I stayed hydrated with water and if I started getting hungry before meal time, I made this snack bowl. Again, all from Trader Joe's. 




*Cherry Medley Tomatoes

*Sauteed Asparagus

This one's pretty basic. I sauteed the alaskan salmon and asparagus with a tablespoon of Irish Butter (Grass-fed) from Stator Bros. with traditional seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic). I let it sit in the Copper Chef pot with the lid closed to marinate seasonings as it cooked and once it was done, I squeezed some organic lemon juice over the salmon and ate it with a side of cherry tomatoes. 


I'm not gonna lie, I had some side effects adjusting to this new diet, which was also warned in the book... I had some major mood swings the first few days, some headaches, and slight fatigue. It's like resetting my body to back when I didn't eat candy, smoke, or drink alcohol. But when I'm up, I feel energized, focused, and ready to take on the day. Following through will definitely be worth it, so I'm just gonna let my body do it's thing to detox and restabilize. 


Today starts day one of Phase Two and this week, I've decided to juice for two meals and eat one protein based meal per day, ideally, a big breakfast and raw juice concoctions that I can play with for lunch and dinner. The Maker's Diet suggests fasting one day out of the week and mine happened to be day one of Phase One, by default. I only had dinner on day one of phase one. But this is how this week is going...



I had a little over 8oz. of sweet carrot juice this morning for breakfast with strawberries and celery. Super yummy...



Now, you're probably thinking, are these dishes legal for this cancer curing diet? Yes and no. The meal on the left is the kid's meal, obvi, and the one on the right is mine. I ordered this pesto Tilapia dish with a side of brussel sprouts and sweet potato fries, and hibiscus tea. Like I said, I'm celebrating. In good faith, I think I'll live and live happily well. But remember, this phase is meant to be a carb-free week, but I quote that Jordan R. Rubin, Biblical Health Coach and author of The Maker's Diet states that depending on your level of health and goals, he recommends that everyone goes through Phase One for at least three days, and I did it for a straight seven, so, like I said, I'll live and live well. I don't recommend doing this everyday - the sneak a carb in thing. I believe with discipline, diligence, and timely celebration, we can have the results we want.  

Reference: The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin

Spike, Chihuahua Dotson 

Spike, Chihuahua Dotson 

One more thing... if you're a pet lover, the statistics on pets suffering from cancer are skyrocketing and there are things that the pet food manufacturers don't want you to know. There are things we can do to prevent and reduce cancer for us and our pets. To learn more, watch this free docu-series: The Truth About Cancer -

Let me know what you think, comment below and see you next week!



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