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The Maker's Diet Challenge: Phase 2 & 3



Retracing back to my last three weeks of this challenge, I was able to open up to more favorites like chicken quesadilla with a Greek salad, medium-well steak and eggs, halibut with greens, and even eggs Benedict with salmon from Vivian’s Cafe in Studio City, CA!

To the far right there is my Crowned For Success Sister @crowned4success, Maria Lupita @themanzoprint. As routine as this challenge came to be at about the third and fourth week, the easier it seemed. Keep in mind that I always prayed for healing every morning and every night and over every meal for God to bless it in Jesus’ name. I remembered to do this, especially, because I felt like I slipped more than a few times...

Strawberry Nutella Yum

Strawberry Nutella Yum

You might think, “Well, Steph, I don’t know, that still looks somewhat healthy...” but check this one out - 

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

By the end of the week, I always made sure to fast at least one meal with straight raw carrot juice. 

Thought you might appreciate that. Even though I was living some what “freely” in my diet toward the last week, I still felt the pressure. I went in for my examination to see if there have been any improvements after the 40 Day Maker’s Diet challenge. 

One week later my gynecologist, Dr. Bali, calls me... my heart drops... “Well, there’s good news. you no longer have infected cells. Only a small trace of HPV left. So, keep doing what you’re doing and come back in 12 months and hopefully by then it’s completely gone.” He had that underlying joy that doctors have when they discover something “impossible”. 

The fact that he said there is ONLY a SMALL trace left told me that the diet ACTUALLY reduced MOST of the HPV cells AND the ENTIRE infection. 

Why am I so open about this? Because statistics read that 1/3 people in the entire world are HPV+. So, odds are you too, can benefit from this Maker’s Diet Challenge, BEFORE you reach infection and become cancerous. If you’re already there, you have hope of ridding the damn thing, completely!

Now, everything I shared with you is my own personal experience. You will have your own as well, so use your discretion and go by The Maker’s Diet book, please. I would love to hear your story.

Next year, I’ll go back to gynecology and retest with my annual pap smear in August of 2019. Looks like it’s celibacy for me, my sweet. Don’t want to risk anything. Plus, for a single mom of one, like me, I don’t need to be a single mom of two or three for that matter. If I knew then what I knew now, I would’ve waited for the right man. 

So, get your healing on! I’ll be sharing some recipes and things later throughout my journey and until next year’s results.  

Happy healing, 


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