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The Best Cure for Cancer

Life doesn't have to stop when you get cancerous news about your health...

I know it's discouraging, but it's not over til it's over and if there is something you can do about it, then wouldn't you?

I am...

After I honorably left the U.S. Army, I decided to pursue my passion in film and music and recklessly got myself pregnant by my music producer back in late 2014, while we were dating.

Whoever hasn't sinned, throw the first stone...

Story short, I'm a single mom with a precious two-year-old son, unmarried, and these things alone have played major stressors in my life.

Donovan A. Sosa, 2018 ( Sheldon Botler Photography )

Donovan A. Sosa, 2018 (Sheldon Botler Photography)

The "baby daddy" has been absent since my son, Donovan, was about six months old, and I've blocked his arrogant ass on Instagram. Not only did he leave me to our "responsibility" on my own, but he left me a gift- which I later discovered through an annual pap smear; HPV+. 

But that's not all...

VA Letter Pap Results (2016)

VA Letter Pap Results (2016)

Turned out, later in October of 2016, that my HPV cells were infected, meaning, pre-cancerous "CIN-1", the Gynecologist called it.

He also told me that the HPV was not sexually transmitted, because it had been over a year since I've had sex (don't judge me on the no sex...the single parenting experience is enough to not want the same thing to happen again), and told me to follow up in a year, that I could self-heal, with a healthy diet, good rest, and no No stress... easy right? 

Around that same time, I had heard on the KLRD 90.1 FM radio that some Thailand factory had their HPV infected workers drop their blood into their canned products. Which, reminded of the canned coconut milk I had consumed. I Google searched this and found an article stating it was under investigation, but later read another article stating that Thailand was denying all accusations.

Now, I can't find any articles tracing this, but if you can, please comment with the link below. 

Purchased from Stator Bros. in April 2016

Purchased from Stator Bros. in April 2016

A year later I retested and CIN-1 had advanced to CIN-2.

They said my options were to have LEEP surgery (Loop Electro Excisional Procedure), which has pre-term pregnancy risks, or to just come back and retest in six months and if I reach CIN-3, then I would officially have cervical cancer and it would be "too late". 

So, I said no LEEP and I have to retest this April, but I feel pretty good, not to sound ignorant. But, I've been making some pretty healthy choices with food and exercise.  

I've seen some recent articles on the latest cures to cancer and one was saying cannabis oil has cured an eight month old infant of an inoperable tumor, while the National Cancer Institute quietly confirms that cannabis can cure cancer.  

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Another says that there is a cancer vaccine that has cured four people already! Fascinating, but skeptical. I'm already hesitant about the flu shot and besides, this cancer vaccine is not available in the U.S., yet. 

Interestingly enough, a month before discovering I was pre-cancerous, while I was on the plane to see my best friend Alex, who was living in Italy at the time, someone introduced me to the book called "The Maker's Diet" by Jordan S. Rubin, A New York Times Bestselling Author known as America's Biblical Health Coach.   

Rubin himself, has fully healed and recovered from the deadly and knowingly "incurable" Crohn's disease and his own grandmother survived stage-five cancer from the Maker's Diet. This book includes a "40-Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever". 

My other bestie, Tina, has officially quit smoking after more than ten years, and that has encouraged me to press-on to prioritizing my health. 

Tomorrow, I begin my 40-Day health plan and I have committed myself to sharing this journey to healing with you by posting my biggest takeaways and weekly meals. Of course, cancer prevention is the best method...  

Join me on this journey to happy healing and share this post or comment below. 









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